There may be times when you are looking for property with a specific feature that is hard to locate without reading through the description or remarks about each property. The Key Word Search option allows you to search by common words used within data fields that will quickly locate a property with the desired feature regardless of the property type or location. For example, if a property has a water view, the agent will very likely add that in the remarks about the property.

Because of current market conditions there are a lot of properties in foreclosure process. The Northern Michigan MLS does not provide a field that gives you foreclosure information, however the agent might provide you with a very good hint by adding to the remarks that a property is bank owned.

Looking for hunting land or property with a pond or a creek running through it? Maybe you absolutely must have 5 bedrooms a deck or a fireplace. Simply click on any of the key words below.

Property listings with those key words in the remarks will be displayed. Unlike other searches we can't guarantee you will always get results, but we have tried to provide key words that we know are commonly used.

bank owned





finished basement


five bedrooms


hunting land

land contract

large master suite

log cabin

log home


sandy beach

six bedrooms

state land

swimming pool

walk-in closet

walk-out basement

water view